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By Laura Love

"The Forbidden Series"



Seduced by Laura Love 

For Hannah and Scott, the relationship had to stay professional. But when they couldn’t keep their hands off one another, they both knew it was only going to get worse from here. Could the couple find a way to get close to one another? Or will they end things before they even begin?



Pleasures by Laura Love

“So it seems that one of my former business partners wants us to meet up with them. They want to do this at a gala that’s happening at the end of the month. I normally would go alone, but he’s been a bit of a thorn in my side. If you could…I’d love it if we went together,” he said.
Was he asking me out?



Hungers by Laura Love

I wanted to feel the same way, but in truth…I didn’t. I felt like I was only doing this for him, to appease the man, and deep down, I wanted to get out of here and go back to Scott. Why was I so damn hung up on him anyway? He was my boss, and yet…after that night I couldn’t forget him.



Forbid by Laura Love

I could tell he was a bit ashamed. But also…I understood why he was nervous. I personally didn’t know what to do about any of this, but at the same time…I kind of wanted to see it.
Plus we were going as friends and such, right? I figured it was just like that.
So why did I feel guilty agreeing?

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Desires by Laura Love

Hannah hasn’t had any luck with getting jobs. Frustrated with her dead-end job as a barista, she applies on a whim to be the personal assistant to Scott, a mysterious businessman. When she gets the job she’s thrilled until she gets there, and Scott is cold and curt. But, in a time of need, he asks for her help, and she helps him, but it soon spurns into something more.



Aroused by Laura Love

“Are you sure though? That you’re making the correct decision? Because I don’t want to hear that you’re regretting this down the road,” she said.
Was I? I really didn’t know for sure. It wasn’t that I hated him or anything either. It was just…I knew that my heart was in a different place, and that place, of course, was with Scott? But did he feel the same way?



Urges by Laura Love

I left, heading back to my office, closing the door and sighing. I didn’t know why but telling him no made me feel…guilty in a sense. I don’t understand, was it because I had feelings for him?
It was so stupid, and I hated that I felt this way. But what else could I do? I closed my eyes, humming to myself for but a moment. Maybe this date will help me decide things better.



Alluring by Laura Love

I spent most of the day working in the office, trying to get those feelings out of my head. But it was hard.
I mean, I enjoyed what transpired. Was it wrong of me? Sure, from a moralistic standpoint maybe, but deep down, I liked this far more than I cared to admit.
And I wanted to do it again.



Lustful by Laura Love

“I think we should just stay friends,” I told him.
And there it was. The hurt on his face. The devastated look that he possessed.
“Oh. I see. Well, have a good night. I’m sorry if I forced you to go out on a date with me. I feel bad now,” he said.
He quickly drove off before I could even respond to him. I looked forward, wondering if I just ruined my friendship with him. maybe I did, and I mentally kicked myself.
I felt bad, but deep down…I didn’t feel the same way with him that I did with Scott, and I couldn’t stop thinking about him this entire time.
What do I do?



Cravings by Laura Love

I wanted to presume that this was just a budgeting meeting, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something else. Not to mention we’ve brushed hands, and continued to touch even after he put the boundaries there. I shook my head though. I didn’t want to stand Andy up.